Starkey CROS 

The Starkey CROS & BiCROS stystems Use either the Muse Micro RIC CROS or the Muse Mini-BTE CROS. Either of these 2 products are fitted to the non-functioning ear. The better ear is fitted with either the Muse Micro RIC (312 battery) or Mini BTE (312 battery) hearing aids. 

Wireless CROS. The system is described as a CROS system when the hearing in the good ear is normal and does not require and amplification. The system is described as BiCROS when there is any degree of hearing loss in the better ear. With the BiCROS configuration, the hearing loss in the better ear also receives appropriate amplification. With single sided deafness, the hearing impaired person can never hear well fSrom their "bad side"...the CROS/BiCROS system is of significant benefit in these cases. Starkey's wireless CROS system wirelessly sends a signal from the 'bad side' to the 'good side'.

Clear Consistent Steaming ear to ear using Starkey's 900sync technology.

Full Adaptive Directionality in the CROS transmitter as well as the Muse hearing aid.

SurfLink Accessories. The CROS system is compatible with all SurfLink acceccories.
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