Oticon Opn

Oticon OPN

Above: Opn RITE (Receiver in the Ear) hearing aids in Diamond Black.

A rechargeable version will be available in June 2017 and can be retrofitted to any Oticon Opn.

A Plus Power Opn will also be available in June 2017 and will be able to fit severe and very severe hearing losses. These hearing aids will use slim tube or "standard" tubing (they are not receiver in the ear hearing aids).

The new Oticon Opn hearing aid (pronounced "Open") is revolutionary in its design. These hearing aids can reduce environmental noise in a 360 degree radius. These iPhone compatible hearing aids connect directly with iPhones and iPads eliminating the need for a Bluetooth interface (streamer) . They are currently available in Oticon's most popular miniRITE model and can be fitted to mild hearing losses as well as hearing losses up to about 75%; they are available in a range of colors to match hair, eyeglasses, and skin tone. The Oticon Opn is the only Made for iPhone hearing aid that works at 2.4 GHz with an iPhone and NFMI (near field magnetic induction - allowing direct communication with you television using a streamer). Rechargeable models are now available in. Additionally, a super power model is now available. The medium-sized model is a miniRITE with the same features and same power as the original Oticon Opn...but this new model also includes a telecoil and a multi-function 'toggle' for on-board control of volume and programs. Note: Oticon recommends the Opn 1 for all degrees of hearing loss.
All Models
Oticon Opn 3  $1390
Oticon Opn 2  $1790
Oticon Opn 1  $2190

Our prices include:     
  • Hearing aids ordered directly from the manufacturers: Phonak, Oticon, and Starkey (no private labeling)
  • Hearing aid fitting using proprietary probe microphone Speech Mapping 
  • 1 year of scheduled follow-up professional care 
  • 3 years of in-office on-demand follow-up care. No appointment required: Monday - Friday. 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM.
  • 3-year manufacturer's warranty covering repair. 
  • 3 year manufacturer's replacement warranty in case of loss or physical damage.

June 2017
  • This product review will be technical but our clinical trials indicate that patients do significantly with the Opn 1 as compared to the Opn 2 and Opn 3. 
  • There is an excellent video describing the new Oticon Opn hearing aids just above the Wireless Accessories section on the "Oticon Hearing Aid Pricing" page. 
  • Oticon recommends Opn 1 for all degrees of hearing loss.
Speech Understanding and Noise Management:
  • Oticon Opn hearing aids do use Directionality judiciously... in addition to their Noise Reduction in 360 degrees. Oticon's Open Sound Navigator analyzes the incoming sound100 times per second to remove the noise from 64 channels in the Opn 1 and 48 channels in the Opn 2 & 3. The noise reduction and directionality are  good on the Opn 3, better on the Opn 2, and best on the Opn 1. The "maximum noise removal" is greatest in the Opn 1; moderate in the Opn 2, and milder in the Opn 3.
  • Spatial Sound helps to better localize incoming sounds and works well in the Opn 3, better on the Opn 2, and best on the Opn 1.
  • Speech Guard preserves the dynamics of speech and is good on the Opn 3, better on the Opn 2, and best on the Opn 1. ("Dynamics" refers to the intensity differences between the speech sounds).
Programming Opn 1, Opn 2, and Opn 3:
  • The Opn 1 has 16 adjustable frequency bands for programming the hearing aid to the frequency contour of each hearing loss. More bands enables a more precise fitting.
  • The Opn 2 has 14 adjustable bands. 
  • The Opn 3 has 12 adjustable bands. 
  • Each of these models allow for programming 4 separate programs that can be easily accessed with the "on-board' push button or the iPhone App.
Wireless Streaming with Opn 1,  2, &  3: 
  • Patients who use iPhones (and iPads) love these hearing aids because they do not require a "Bluetooth interface" (Streamer or ComPilot) to wirelessly connect them. This is available in the Opn 1, 2, & 3. 
  • A Bluetooth Steamer will be available for Android devices in late 2017 (Connect Clip). 
  • Oticon has designed a small "Made for iPhone" hearing aid with the small 312 battery and it still has excellent battery life.
  • Currently Oticon Opn's are the only "2 antenna" hearing aids available today. the Opn utilize the 2.4 GHz frequency for communication with iPhones, iPads, and iTouch devices. The other antenna (NFMI) enables wireles connectivity between the hearing aids for coordinated processing and allows connection to you television using a TV Streamer. A Mic Clip will be released in the Spring of 2017 that will allow wireless Android connectivity and may also be able to be used as a remote mic.
Above: Ear to Ear connectivity using NFMI
Sound Quality with Opn 1, Opn 2, & Opn 3
  • The Opn 3 will not be quite as good for listening to music...but I would still rate the Opn 3 as very good.
  • The Opn 1 & 2 are equivalent in this regard and will both perform great (both the Opn 1 & 2 accept inputs of 113dB). Higher input capacity allows for better music fidelity. 
  • The Opn 1 has a 10K bandwidth while the Opn 2 & 3 have an 8K fitting bandwidth.
  • The Opn 1 uses 64 processing channels 
  • The Opn 2 & 3 both use 48 channels
  • More channels enables more precise noise reduction and better audibility.
Free App (on the Apple App Store)

  • Search "Oticon Opn" on the App Store to download this Free App.
  • In addition to being able to use your iPhone as a remote control, you can also check the life of your batteries and locate your hearing aids using the "Find my Hearing Aids" function. This won't tell you where your hearing aids are in your house but it will tell you what the address is but then you can use an indicator that tells you when you are getting close to their exact position in the house.
Oticon Opn iPhone App

iPhone Functionality 

Using the "Hearing Devices" control under "Settings"-->"Accessibility"-->"Hearing Devices", you can use your iPhone (no app required) to adjust the volume of each hearing aid individually. The 2.4GHz signal from your iPhone  enables stereo content to be streamed to your hearing aids (stereo streaming also works with iPads and iTouches).
Powered by the groundbreaking Velox™ platform, Opn scans the environment 100x per second to provide you with more accurate information about the 360º soundscape. Oticon Opn improves your ability to understand speech by up to 30%, so you don't have to work as hard to understand, leaving more mental energy to remember what you hear.

Oticon's clinical trials with Opn hearing aids have been very positive and have revealed:
  • 20% less listening effort (compared to Alta 2 Pro)
  • 20% More capacity to recall information in noisy environments (individual benefit will vary)
  • 30% Better speech understanding (compared to Alta 2 Pro).
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