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Phonak Belong New
Phonak Audeo B
From $1190 (B30) with 3-yearwarranty

From $1590 (B50-R) with 3-yearwarranty

Phonak Audeo B Direct Connect
From $1590 (B50-D) with 3-year warranty
The Phonak Audeo B is a "receiver in the canal" hearing aid. Built on Phonak's newest and fastest chip platform, the Audeo B series are Phonak's smallest behind the ear hearing aids. They are appropriate for mild to severe hearing losses.

Phonak Bolero B
From $1190 with 3-yearwarranty

Bolero B-R Rechargeable
From $1590 with 3-yearwarranty
The Phonak Bolero B is a slim tube or standard tubing hearing aid. Builit on Phonak's newest chip platform, these hearing aids are almost as small as the Audeo series but with the slimtube design. Appropriate for mid to severe hearing losses, they can be fitted cosmetically to small adult ear canals and children. 

Phonak Venture
Audeo V
From $990 with 3 year repair
 & 3 year Loss/Damage warranty
Phonak Audeo V

Audéo V is a Receiver in the Canal instrument (RIC). 
These are Phonak's smallest behind the ear hearing aids. With 4 performance levels and 3 power levels, they fitting mild to severe hearing losses. 
Custom earmolds are optional

New Pricing 
V 30 $990
V 50 $1390
V 70 $1690
V 90 $1990
Bolero V
From $990 with 3 year repair 
3 year Loss/Damage warranty
Phonak Bolero V
 The Phonak Bolero V is a slimtube hearing aid and they are almost as small as the Audéo hearing aid models. They are available  in several power levels fitting mild to severe hearing losses. 
Custom earmolds are optional.

New Pricing 
V 30 $990 
V 50 $1390
V 70 $1690
V 90 $1990
Naida V  
From $990 with 3 year repair & 3 year Loss/Damage warranty
Phonak Naida V
The Phonak Naida V is available a small RIC model (size 13 battery), a Super Power model (size 13 battery), and an UltraPower model (size 675 battery). Appropriate for severe and profound hearing losses.
Custom earmolds are recommended.

New Pricing 
V 30  $990
V 50 $1390
V 70 $1690
V 90 $1990
Virto V 
From $990 with 3 year repair & 3 year Loss/Damage warranty
Phonak Virto V
Virto instruments are Phonak’s custom-made hearing aids. They come in 4 sizes and 4 power levels.  The new Titanium IIC/CIC is pictured in the above image in the lower right. 

New Pricing 
 V 30 $990
V 50 $1390
V 70 $1690
V 90 $1990

CROS  II and CROS B  $1045 w. 3 year repair & Loss/Damage warranty
Phonak Cros II & Cros B
Available with a 312 or the larger 13 battery, Phonak’s CROS II instruments are for people with unilateral hearing loss or when the bad ear is so poor that a hearing aid just cannot help. These CROS instruments now allow wireless functionality and great noise reduction in the 70 and 90 products using Binaural VoiceStream programs. They are compatible with Venture (CROS II) and Beyond (CROS B) chip platforms. They are not available in or compatible with rechargeable models. 

Our prices for all Phonak hearing aids include: 
  • Hearing aids ordered directly from the manufacturers: Phonak and Oticon (no private labeling*)
  • Hearing aid fitting using proprietary probe microphone Speech Mapping 
  • 1 year of scheduled follow-up professional care 
  • 3 years of in-office on-demand follow-up care. No appointment required: Monday - Friday. 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM.
  • 3-year manufacturer's warranty covering repair. 
  • 3 year manufacturer's replacement warranty in case of loss or physical damage.
*Private Labeling: When hearing aids are private labeled, the consumer cannot determine what they are purchasing and therefore cannot make direct price comparisons to other vendors. Additionally, private labeled hearing aids may be altered so that they have to be returned to the original vendor to make any neccessary programming changes. 

Phonak's new generation of hearing aids use the new AutoSense OS operating system that allows hearing aids to automatically adapt to different listening situations...including different noisy situations. Independent research reveals that this system can improve speech understanding by 20% in challenging listening situations, in noise, in loud noise, and in a car.

Important Information for anyone considering Phonak Hearing Aids

January 2017. New Research from the independent National Acoustics Laboratories in Sydney, Australia reveals significant benefits in:
  • Listening Effort
  • Speech Intelligibility
...when using hearing aids with narrow directionality. Phonak is the world leader in automatic "narrow directionality" (The Hearing Review V.24 No 1, Jan 2017).

This independent study (not sponsored by or conducted by anyone employed by Phonak) strongly supports the use of narrow directionality...a technology that Phonak pioneered. Click "Learn More" below for a brief review of this study and a more thorough review of the complex technology that Phonak uses in their hearing aids to help hearing impaired listeners in difficult listening situations. Some or all of this technology is used in all of the Phonak hearing aids displayed on this page. Please also make sure to read the paragraph about listening effort and speech comprehension.
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