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Modern hearing aids are invisible or almost invisible and provide comfortable correction for most hearing losses. 
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We fit only the highest quality Phonak and Oticon hearing aids with the best fitting protocols. Please feel free to compare our prices; they are the best Oticon & Phonak hearing aid prices that you will find.
Hearing Test
Our audiologists perform accurate hearing tests to properly diagnose your hearing. From there our best hearing doctors recommend the best treatment or appropriate medical follow-up if required.  

Hearing tests are carefully performed on calibrated precision equipment. Accurate and detailed audiometry provides the basis for follow-up care...if required. The photos of audiometric equipment used on this website were taken in our offices

Hearing Test
Hearing loss is very common. Approximately 48 million Americans report some degree of hearing loss. By age 65, about 1 in 3 adults are affected by hearing loss. A 25 year study, reported in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society (October 2015), compared the cognitive decline in older adults with normal hearing to older hearing impaired adults who were using hearing aids and found no difference in the rates of cognitive decline with age.  Click for more information.

September 2016. Now AvailablePhonak's Audeo B-R is the first rechargeable hearing aid with a lithium-ion battery lasting 24 hours on one charge. These sealed hearing aids offer improved water resistance. Complete pricing information is available on our"Phonak Hearing Aid Pricing" page". This new chip platform is also available as a conventional hearing aid (using a battery).
New Phonak Audeo Rechargeable
September 2016 The new Oticon Open (spelled "Oticon Opn") is also now available and is revolutionary in its design. These hearing aids can reduce environmental noise in a 360 degree radius without relying on directional microphone technology. While it's noise reduction in a 360 degree radius is most significant, it also eliminates the need for a Streamer (ComPilot) and can direct connect to iPhones and iPads...and can connect to your TV. We have now completed our own clinical trials with these instruments and are now fitting these instruments routinely. There is only one level of this technology and the price quite high compared to our pricing for other Oticon and Phonak products ($2190 per ear). These hearing aids are currently only available in Oticon's (most popular) miniRITE model and can be fitted to mild hearing losses as well as hearing losses up to about 75%.

Hearing Doctors serving Buffalo & Western New York


630 Orchard Park Road
West Seneca, NY 14224
Ph. 716-246-1142
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Dr. Jennifer Schneider, Au.D.
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Dr. Daniel Schneider, Au.D.
61 Wehrle Drive
Amherst, New York 14225
Ph. 716-800-3372
Drs. Jennifer and Daniel Schneider are fellows in the American Academy of Audiology. Dan has over thirty years experience treating patients with auditory and vestibular disorders and is published in educational audiology, auditory processing disorders and treatment, and early literacy. He is a contributing author and consultant to the auditory Magic Penny Early Literacy program. Dan earned a Doctoral Degree of Audiology from the University of Florida and is a New York State licensed audiologist.

Dr. Jennifer Schneider is a summa cum laude graduate from St. Bonaventure University. She pursued her doctoral studies at the Arizona School of Health Sciences where she graduated summa cum laude with a Doctor of Audiology degree. With over fifteen years experience, she specializes in diagnostic audiologic evaluations, hearing aid fittings, and the diagnosis and treatment of auditory processing disorders in children. She is also a consultant to the auditory Magic Penny Early Literacy program. Jennifer is a New York licensed audiologist. University trained and accredited Doctors of Audiology diagnose and treat disorders of hearing and balance. 
Please call either of our locations, in Amherst or West Seneca, to schedule an appointment for a hearing test, with one of the best hearing doctors around.  These evaluations are covered by most medical insurance plans.    

Research confirms that computer generated Hearing Aid fittings do not provide the best results. Only carefully performed Probe Microphone measurements and Speech Mapping can provide optimal results. Our proprietary Speech Mapping fitting formulas will always provide the best possible correction for your hearing loss.  We also offer the digital hearing aid prices.

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Both offices are about 5 minutes from the New York State Thruway (I-90). Our Amherst office is only 10 minutes from the Buffalo Niagara International AirportMake sure to let us know if you are coming to our office from a distance so we allow enough time to take care of everything at one appointment...including the preparation of custom-made earmolds in our in-office Earmold Lab.
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