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Oticon Hearing Aids and Accessories are only dispensed to our patients. No mailorder sales.

Oticon Opn New 

Velox Chip Platform
From $1390

Oticon OPN Hearing Aids
The new Oticon Opn hearing aid (pronounced "Open") is revolutionary in its design. These hearing aids can reduce environmental noise in a 360 degree radius. These iPhone compatible hearing aids connect directly with iPhones and iPads eliminating the need for a Bluuetooth interface (streamer) . They are currently available in Oticon's most popular miniRITE model and can be fitted to mild hearing losses as well as hearing losses up to about 75%; they are available in a range of colors to match hair, eyeglasses, and skin tone. The Oticon Opn is the only Made for iPhone hearing aid that works at 2.4 Ghz with an iPhone and NFMI (near field magnetic induction...allowing direct communcation with you television using a streamer. Rechargeable models are now available in. Additionally, a super power model is now available (far right in above image). The medium-sized model (pictured in the center in the image above) is a miniRITE with the same features and same power as the original Oticon Opn...but this new model also includes a telecoil and a multi-function 'toggle' for on-board control of volume and programs. Note: Oticon recommends the Opn 1 for all degrees of hearing loss.
Rechargeable Option (for miniRITE only) for 2 hearing aids (including charger and batteries)
Replacement Silver Zinc Rechargeable Batteries
Learn More - Rechargeable Batteries vs. Disposable

Oticon Hearing Aids
Inium 2 Chip Platform
Tinnitus Management available on all Pro models
Oticon designRITE
From $690 with 3 year repair and Loss/Damage warranty
Oticon designRITE
Using the Inium 2 processor has 10 channels, the designRITE is Oticon’s smallest ‘Receiver In The Ear’ hearing aid. This cosmetic hearing aid uses the small size 10 battery. It does not have a push button on the hearing aid but it is ‘wireless’ and can be used with any of the Oticon Bluetooth accessories. All behind-the-ear hearing aids come in colors that can be matched to hair color, eyeglass color, or skin tone. 
Oticon miniRITE 
From $690 with 3 year repair and Loss/Damage Warranty
Oticon miniRITE
Using the 10 channel Inium 2 processor, the mini-RITE is the size that most patients prefer. This small hearing aid uses a size 312 battery and has a multi-functional push button for convenient ‘on-board’ adjustment. The miniRITEs are also ‘wireless’ and can be used with any of the Oticon Bluetooth accessories. These hearing aids come in 3 different power levels and can fit severe hearing losses.
Oticon RITE 
From $690 with 3 year repair and Loss/Damage warranty
The 10 channel Inium 2 RITE is uses a slightly larger size 13 battery. While the power level are the same as the smaller miniRITE, the battery life is longer and the multi-function toggle allows one touch control of volume up and volume down (and more) on each instrument. The wireless RITEs can be used with any of the Oticon Bluetooth accessories. These hearing aids come in 3 different power levels and can fit even severe hearing losses.

Oticon miniBTE 
From $690 with 3 year repair and Loss/Damage warranty 
Oticon miniBTE
The Inium 2 ten channel miniBTE hearing aid has the receiver (speaker) inside the hearing aid and sends the sound through a very thin tube. This is the best choice for smaller ear canals especially when a custom earmold is used. This hearing aid uses the 312 battery. 

These wireless hearing aids feature the Inium II processor and can use any of Oticon's Bluetooth accessories.
Oticon Dynamo 
From $1125 with 3 year repair and Loss/Damage warranty
Oticon Dynamo
The new 9 channel Oticon Dynamo is a super power hearing aid. It features a multi-function toggle control and a classic rotary volume control. These wireless hearing aids use the size 13 battery and can be used with any of the Oticon Bluetooth accessories.
Oticon Plus Power
The Oticon Plus Power hearing aids are smaller than the Dynamo...but almost as powerful. They are available in the Alta2, Nera2, and Ria2 price points and have the same 10 channel Inium 2  features.
Oticon Custom Products
From $690 with 3 year repair and Loss/Damage warranty
Oticon Custom Products
The ten channel Inium2 chip is also available in Oticon custom instruments. Made from an impression of the patient’s ear, most instruments can be ordered with ‘wireless’ features at no additional charge... making them compatible with Oticon's Bluetooth accessories. The wireless also allows one touch control of both instrument. 

If desired, a remote control can be used with the deep-fitting IIC (Invisible In the Canal) instruments. These instruments can fit mild to severe hearing losses; the larger instruments are the most powerful.

Our prices for all Oticon hearing aids include: 
  • Hearing aids ordered directly from the manufacturers: Phonak and Oticon (no private labeling*)
  • Hearing aid fitting using proprietary probe microphone Speech Mapping 
  • 1 year of scheduled follow-up professional care 
  • 3 years of in-office on-demand follow-up care. No appointment required: Monday - Friday. 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM.
  • 3-year manufacturer's warranty covering repair. 
  • 3 year manufacturer's replacement warranty in case of loss or physical damage.
*Private Labeling: When hearing aids are private labeled, the consumer cannot determine what they are purchasing and therefore cannot make direct price comparisons to other vendors. Additionally, private labeled hearing aids may be altered so that they have to be returned to the original vendor to make any neccessary programming changes. 

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