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Name: Gary W.
October 30, 2017
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Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx
Message: Dr. Schneider, Just a quick note to say how pleased I have been for years with your service and kindness when not only purchasing my hearing aids but also taking care of the few issues when they arose. I'm now on my second set of hearing aids and the improvements are remarkable. Thanks Again!

Dear Dr. Schneider. 
I recently purchased hearing aids through you. I was hesitant with my feet in the sand, I reluctantly decided to try them, convinced I would return them. The first time I put them in my ears I started to cry with joy! I couldn't believe how much they improved my hearing and tinnitus. My satisfaction didn't stop there! When I call, your staff is so nice to me, they really make me feel like your only customer. After my hearing aids were damaged and I lost my Bluetooth device, you all treated me so nicely and help me out so much-Thank You! I just can't say enough about you and your staff! Not to mention, your prices are the best around! Thank you for everything and mostly for helping me get my confidence back.
Cindy K. August 2017

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Name: Joanne R.
Date: April 7, 2017
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Phone: xxxxxxx
Message: I have been going to Dr. Schneider for at least 20 years now and  have always received the best services. Dr. Schneider's recommendations have provided the best quality hearing in all my life situations. Additionally, if I am having a concern with a hearing aid, I can show up unannounced and this office will always take care of any concern I have. I appreciate what they have done and do for me; it makes it easy to recommend Dr. Schneider to others with out any hesitation; which I have done! Thanks. 

I went to Dr. Schneider to have my hearing tested because I thought my hearing was going. I already had a hearing aid (dispensed elsewhere) in my left ear but I thought my hearing was getting worse. He first checked my ears and found they had plenty of wax. He cleaned my ears and then gave me a comprehensive test and determined that my hearing loss was so mild that I did not need a hearing aid in either ear. The place that sold me the hearing aid must have tested my hearing with wax in my left ear because I have not needed to use my hearing aid since then.  I am grateful that he took the time to take care of me.  
March 2017. Dennis N.  
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Name : Dan W.
Date: February 15, 2017
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Phone : xxxxxxxxxxx
Message: : Dr. Schneider thank you very much for help and expertise. I never had such a thorough hearing exam. I learned things about my hearing loss that I never knew before. Your patience and professional manner put you at the top of the list of hearing providers that I have visited over the years. I would be happy to provide a detailed testimonial for your referrals. I did put a review on YELP.

Dr. Schneider: This is to inform you how HAPPY I am with my new Phonak Hearing Aids. As you know, I have been wearing hearing aids for 10 years, and felt that my hearing was as good as it would get. What a pleasant surprise with these new Phonak's. I can hear things I was unable to hear before. I had trouble understanding the words spoken in a TV movie. Now they are as clear as a bell. I can't thank you enough for this major upgrade. February 2017, Don H. 

(Editor's Note: Don has a very significant hearing loss and has used Phonak Audeo hearing aids since 2009. He has never been charged for follow-up care. He uses custom-made earmolds from our in-office lab. We were able to retrofit his previous earmolds for his new hearing aids. He paid $690 each for his new Phonak hearing aids with 3 yr. warranties and 3 yrs. of follow-up care included..

Dr. Schneider, My family and I would like to thank you for the level of care and consideration that you provided for my daughter. I came to your office ready to give up and frustrated with the many systems of care I had experienced prior to meeting you. Doctors, CPSE representatives, CSE menbers, early intervention coordinators, school psychologists and teachers could not explain or identify my daughter's learning disability. Since Kindergarten, we have received conflicting and inaccurate information suggesting my daughter's learning disability was related to either immaturity, ADD, autism, or a slight case of mental retardation... among several other misdiagnoses.

Within an hour of being in your office you solved what seemed like a lifetime of challenges and concerns. In addition to the expertise you provided in pinpointing her diagnosis, you provided extra special care creating custom ear molds for her tiny ear canals. You also calmly assured me that my daughter could be successful in life despite her Auditory Processing Disorder. Who would have known that a Phonak Roger Focus system could make all the difference in the world! The ear level receivers have been a HUGE success! When we tried the system for the first time, my daughter's ability to process information was remarkable! It was like watching someone who had poor vision their entire life see clearly for the first time! My daughter was able to follow multistep commands without any additional prompting. She was also able to retain information better and provide thoughtful and intelligent answers to lectures or discussions. 

My daughter (age 8) depends on her "hearing aids" for auditory information so naturally that she puts them on by herself before school with few reminders. My only complaint is that I wish I would have known you sooner. All children who show developmental delays need to be screened by a Doctor of Audiology for APD. It would prevent misdiagnoses, inappropriate special education placements, and unneccessary headaches for teachers, parents, and practitioners. Michelle now believes that superheros don't wear capes; they wear white labcoats and make hearing devices. My daughter's life will be forever impacted for the better and I have you to thank for that. February 2017, Melodie B. 

Dr. Scheneider. I am happy to recommend your practice. Your products are superb...with caring follow-up by skilled , professional doctors. Reasonably affordable. NO PRICE GOUGING HERE!! I'm a very happy customer, You will be too. 
Sincerely, Marie M. February 2017

I would like to thank Dr. Schneider for the assistance with my hearing aid last Thursday. I had my daughter's baby shower the following weekend with 75 people attending and my hearing aid stopped working. I went in unannounced and was immediately attended to...they worked their magic and I was in business. Every time I come in, I am immediately attended to and that is why I recommend your business to others. Thank you again for all your help. June 2016, L.M.

I am a physician who has been practicing for many years in Buffalo and have been using hearing aids. In spite of multiple adjustments as well as changing hearing aids, I was not hearing well. On the recommendation of a friend, I went to see Dr. Schneider. After only one visit and adjustments, I began hearing much better. I was truly impressed by the office, the staff, and the equipment. I felt the results were excellent. I highly recommend Dr. Schneider. May 2016, S.P.

It was my lucky day when I was referred to this office 6 years ago. It was then that Dr. Schneider diagnosed my hearing loss. Until then I was slowly withdrawing socially as I failed to hear the details of conversation. As soon as I was fitted with a virtually unnoticeable pair of hearing aids, I was able to hear the sounds that I was missing. I am so pleased with Dr. Schneider's care that the 40 mile trip to their office is so worth the time and effort. April 2016, Robert.S.

Thank you for all your help this week. My daughter wore the hearing aids you sent this week. My husband and I really appreciate the extraordinary attention to accommodate her situation. Not everyone would have done that. So you are officially in charge of her ears forever. March 2016, Dawn.B. Editor's note: This young woman who is severely hearing impaired now resides in Florida. Her Florida practitioner, who fitted her most recent hearing aids, was not able to assist her in an emergency situation. Her hearing aids were broken and her wedding was the following week.

I love all of your wonderful staff. They're amazing!!!! Thank you sooo much for giving my daughter a better quality of life. 
Oct. 2015, Andrea Butler 
It is with great pleasure and excitement, I am writing to express my complete satisfaction with my new Phonak hearing aids and the Phonak TV Link and ComPilot system that I recently purchased. My hearing level is perfect. I can hear conversations in private quiet settings as well as in public places without any background disturbance. Being able to watch television and have the TV volume set so that it is comfortable for the rest of my family is just amazing. The best part is that I can now hear my wife’s soft-spoken voice and don’t have to keep asking her to repeat herself. Thank you and your always pleasant and supportive staff for improving my life. I can hear, and it is wonderful.  Jim Galoppo

Your thoughtful note prompts me to do what I should have done many days ago--to thank you for the extremely generous time you gave Annette and me on April 8 and 9 when you were somehow able to put her hearing aids and mine in good working order. Whatever you did to them has allowed me to hear better than I have in many months. Moreover, our new telephone works better than any of our other phones in our home. No longer do I have to ask others to answer the phone or to make calls for me. There is no need now for the remote mic. For this and your many other services, many thanks. Joseph Masling

I have been Dr. Schneider’s patient through several iterations of hearing aids and have always been 100% satisfied. All of the staff not only treat you with the utmost respect, but are genuinely concerned about improving your hearing as well as your quality of life. I have several friends who always complained about their hearing aids (that were procured elsewhere) and after hearing my testimony about Dr. Schneider, they are now happy and satisfied hearing aid users. As a repeat customer, I can only sum up my feelings by saying “there are not enough good things to say about Dr. Schneider and the staff; I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else". May 2015, Michael Depew

When my wife started to develop a hearing loss in one ear, our family practitioner sent her to a local ENT doctor for an examination. His answer was that she just had wax in her ear. Over time, the hearing loss got worse and cleaning the wax out didn’t help so we made an appointment with Dr. Schneider. After the evaluation, an appointment was scheduled with a different ENT doctor and and an MRI was ordered. An acoustic neuroma (brain tumor) the size of a golf ball was identified. After 10 hours of brain surgery to remove the tumor, she has successfully recovered but has only single sided hearing due to the surgery. According to her surgeon, this condition would have been fatal had it not been discovered as it was already so large that it was compressing her brainstem. She has now been fitted with the appropriate hearing aid that transmits the sound from her deaf side to the good ear. Her life was saved through the professional and conscientious efforts of Dr. Schneider. Thank you Dr. Schneider, for giving me back my wife. May 2015, Michael Depew

Very good with people. Listens to your problems. Highly recommend to go to this place for problems. I gave them an A plus. Never had a problem with them.  Benkel2000

Every time I bring my aunt to have her hearing aids cleaned, I am always promptly and warmly greeted by the staff and taken care of right away. The technicians are very knowledgeable. If there are any problems with the hearing aids, they usually find the cause right away and are able to correct it. Dr. Schneider has a wonderful demeanor and is very compassionate toward his patients. He helped my aunt to hear so much better, which has vastly improved her quality of life. Thank you!!  jcm120

It is always a pleasure  when we have to go for a visit. They have a great staff and the doctor is great. Guest38363

This hearing aid center is very good. I have gone here for several years and I am very happy with their service every single time I go there. Anonymous

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