Accurate diagnostic Audiometric Evaluations & Hearing Tests are performed with the best equipment available and the most experienced Audiologists. Available hearing tests include: diagnostic audiometry (using puretones and speech), OAEs (otoacoustic emissions), advanced tympanometry and immittance studies, evoked potentials, visual reinforcement audiometry, and auditory processing assessment. Our team of the best hearing doctors send consultation reports to your  regular doctor(s) and always include specific recommendations for appropriate follow-up care.

Vestibular evaluation, for patients experiencing dizziness or vertigo, is performed by highly experienced audiologists with state of the art equipment...including vHIT...the latest innovation in vestibular assessment. If the diagnosis is Benign Positional Vertigo, treatment can be provided immediately. Home protocols for treatment of non-compensated peripheral vestibular disorders will be provided as appropriate. Consultation reports with recommendations will always be provided to your doctors. 

Hearing Aid Evaluation is performed by highly experienced audiologists using only the best equipment. The research is clear...optimized hearing aid fitting require accurate real ear measurement. Carefully performed Speech Mapping provides the best results.  We only use AudioScan VeriFit instuments and we perform Speech Mapping on all hearing aid fittings... as well as electroacoustic measurent to assess the effectiveness of the hearing aid's noise reduction circuitry.  In addition to this we are able to offer the best prices on hearing aids if hearing testing determines that you need them.

Hearing Tests
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Earmold Lab. We have the only comprehensive earmold lab in New York State. We design and produce our silicone and hard acrylic earmolds using proprietary algorithms. Custom earmolds will often improve the performance of your hearing aids and make them easier to insert and remove.
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