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From $790 with 3 years of follow-up care
Starkey Muse Hearing Aids
Muse i1000  $790
Muse i1200  $990
Muse i1600  $1370
Muse i2000  $1620
Muse i2400  $2190  

Muse, with Starkey’s all new Synergy platform is the only platform to feature quad core twin compressor technology. Synergy, in combination with Acuity OS, Starkey's new high-definition operating system, enable speech and sounds like music to be processed uniquely for the first time ever – advancing speech audibility and listening enjoyment of music in all environments. This wireless technology also enables the Muse CROS & BiCROS systems and ear-to-ear phone streaming.

When wireless Muse Synchrony products are used with a SurfLink Mobile (see below), the heaning aid miscrophones can be used when using your Bluetooth cell phone; the SurfLik mobile can be left in your pocket or purse. 
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Halo 2    Made for iPhone
with 3-year repair 
and 3-year Loss/Damage warranty
Halo 2 iPhone Hearing Aids
Halo 2 i1600   $1490

Halo 2 is Starkey's second generation Made for iPhone hearing aid.  At the heart of Halo 2 is Starkey’s new Synergy platform with twin compressor technology and the high-definition operating system Acuity OS.

Made for iPhone, Halo 2’s  2.4 GHz wireless platform provide completely seamless iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple Watch connectivity as well as ultra high-definition audio streaming for TV, music and more.  

Available in standard power and high power RIC models: available with the size 312 or13 battery.
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SoundLens (Synergy)
From $ 1590 with 3 year repair 
3 year Loss/Damage warranty
SoundLens Synergy Hearing Aids
SoundLens Synergy 1600  $1590
SoundLens Synergy 2000  $1890
SoundLens Synergy 2400  $2190

The invisible SoundLens Synergy, our invisible IIC now available in both wireless and non-wireless versions... built on Starkey's Synergy platform. Now available with wireless solutions, patients can receive a direct wireless connection between their cell phone or other Bluetooth devices using SurfLink accessories. This connection provides patients the opportunity to to stream phone calls, music and television to their SoundLens hearing aids. 

 The SoundLens Synergy i2400 is available in a wireless model allowing remote control and use of the SurfLink mobile allowing use of your iPhone with the SurfLink mobile to be left in your pocket or purse.
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Series From $690
with 3 years of follow-up care

       SurfLinkWireless Accessories
Starkey Z Series Hearing Aids
Z Series  i20  $690
Z Series  i30  $990
Z Series  i70  $1290
Z Series  i90  $1490
Z Series 110  $1690

Starkey's BluWave 4.0 Operating System enables the continual optimization of audibility, intelligibility, comfort and sound quality. 
This series of hearing aids is available in all models (pictured above) from the small RIC and slimtube Behind the Ear models...including Power the custom-made in- the-ear and in-the-canal models.
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Muse CROS & BiCROS  
$1190 with 3 year repair & 3 year Loss/Damage warranty
Starkey CROS & BiCROS Hearing Aids
A CROS solution is for patients with single-sided hearing loss that cannot be fitted with a hearing aid. The wireless Muse CROS System uses Acuity OS and 900sync to bring audibility and speech understanding to those who struggle with hearing from only one ear. 

Also available in BiCROS for individuals who have a total or near-total hearing loss in their bad ear and a mild to moderate hearing loss in their better ear.

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Halo Made for iphone
including 3-years of follow-up care
Starkey Halo iPhone Hearing Aids
Halo i70   $990

The Starkey Halo is Starkey's 1st generation of "Made for iPhone " hearing industry first. Using Starkey's BluWave 4,0 operating system enable continuous optimization of audibility, intelligibility, and sound quality. This model is alailable in the smaller RIC model (receiver in the ear) and the slightly large model that can be used with standard tubing or slim tubing.
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Starkey Wireless Accessories
SurfLink Mobile2  $575
This versatile device does everything. It performs the the functions of all of the devices decribed below.
Starkey SurfLink Mobile2
SurfLink Remote Controls $175
The Remote Control is available in Basic & Advanced models.
Starkey SurfLink Remote Control
SurfLink Remote Mic  $235
The Remote Mic improves hearing in noise and over a distance.
Starkey SurfLink Remote Mic
SurfLink Media  $395
This device allows direct streaming from a TV to the hearing aids.
SurfLink Media

Our Starkey prices include:               

  • Hearing aids ordered directly from the manufacturers: Phonak, Oticon, and Starkey (no private labeling*)
  • Hearing aid fitting using proprietary probe microphone Speech Mapping 
  • 1 year of scheduled follow-up professional care 
  • 3 years of in-office on-demand follow-up care. No appointment required: Monday - Friday. 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM.
  • 3-year manufacturer's warranty covering repair. 
  • 3 year manufacturer's replacement warranty in case of loss or physical damage.
*Private Labeling: When hearing aids are private labeled, the consumer cannot determine what they are purchasing and therefore cannot make direct price comparisons to other vendors. Additionally, private labeled hearing aids may be altered so that they have to be returned to the original vendor to make any neccessary programming changes. 

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