CROS II Product

Phonak CROS II and Phonak CROS B

Phonak Hearing Aid Models
Phonak CROS II   $995
Phonak CROS B   $995

CROS is an acronym for "contralateral routing of signal"

The CROS II works with the Venture platform (V) hearing aids.
The CROS B works with the Beyond platform hearing aids.

All Phonak hearing aid models come standard with 3-year repair warranties and 3-year loss/damage replacement warranties.
Phonak Hearing Aid Products
Available with a 312 or 13 battery, Phonak’s CROS II and CROS B instruments are for people with one sided hearing loss or when the poorer ear is impaired to the extent that a hearing aid just cannot help. These CROS instruments now allows wireless functionality and great noise reduction in the V70 and V90 products. We have fitted it successfully in patients with normal hearing in their good ear; however, it is most appreciated when the patient also has at least a mild hearing loss in their good ear. The CROS instruments work with any level of technology but it is most effective when it is used with the 70 or 90 level (the V90 or B90 is preferred); these levels of technology allow the patient to use the streaming StereoZoom program for understanding speech in noisy places.
All levels of Phonak Venture technology include the most important features:
  • State of the art anti-whistle technology
  • Automatic noise reduction
  • Multiple channels for adjustment
  • Wireless volume controls
  • Bluetooth connectivity with wireless accessories for cell phone, home phone, TV, and remote microphones.

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