Schedule an Appointment. The first step is to call to schedule an appointment for a hearing evaluation by a New York State Licensed Doctor of Audiology. Our representatives will be able to answer some of your questions at that time and set up the appointment for your hearing test; this test is covered by almost all insurance plans. Following your hearing evaluation, we will discuss your results with you and make recommendations for appropriate follow-up care. If hearing aids are necessary, your choices will be reviewed and recommendations will be made.

Hearing Aid Fitting. If hearing aids are the recommended option, an appointment to fit the hearing aids will be scheduled. We are proud to have the best prices on hearing aids.  The hearing aids will be adjusted using state-of-the-art Speech Mapping and other measurements to make sure that the fit of the instruments is optimized. You will be instructed in all aspects of use and care and a follow-up appointment will be scheduled. Hearing aids are fitted on a 60-day trial basis. If you decide to return your hearing aids during the trial period, there is a 10% cancellation fee...but this fee stays on your account as a credit toward a nyfuture purchase of hearing aids.  

Follow-up care. Typically, the first follow-up appointment is scheduled three weeks after your hearing aid fitting. At this time, we will review your progress and review the information that is contained in your hearing aids regarding your adaptation to these instruments. Any adjustments will be made. If you are doing well, a three month follow-up appointment will be scheduled. Continuing follow-up care will be based on how you are doing at this appointment. You will be provided with additional batteries at this appointment, and you are certainly welcome to continue to purchase batteries from us at a discounted price.

Hearing Aid WarrantiesAll of our hearing aids come with 3-year 'bumper to bumper' warranties. Also included are 3 year warranties that cover Loss or Damage (beyond repair). You do not need an appointment for service. Most repairs do not require factory service and can be performed in our repair labs in 15 to 30 minutes.

Best Prices on Hearing Aids. You will find that our digital hearing aid prices are lower than or competitive with the lowest pricing on the internet...but these are the very best hearing aids available. The Phonak and Oticon hearing aids that we offer are well-known for being the highest quality hearing aids available today and they are backed by great warranties and professional care.   

Hearing Aid Evaluation
Ear Mold Lab. We have the only in-office earmold lab in New York State...specializing in hard acrylic and silicone custom earmolds designed to enhance the performance of our hearing aids. Our earmolds are designed by the doctors that are doing the Hearing Aid fitting. This give us an advantage over large earmold labs that have "cookie cutter" formulas. Some of our earmold designs are proprietary and not available anywhere else. Custom earmolds can improve the fit and performance of many hearing aid fittings. They can also improve 'ease of insertion' and retention. Most earmolds are $100 each. As a custom-made product, they are non-refundable.
Best Hearing Doctor
Batteries. You will be able to purchase additional batteries at a discounted price. Click 'Batteries' on the Navigation Bar for more information. At this time, we only recommend Rayovac mercury-free batteries.
Hearing Aid Policies

The prices that we feature on Phonak, Oticon, and Starkey instruments are competive with or less than the best hearing aid prices and best warranties that you will find on the internet.  

Included with every Hearing Aid fitting is appropriate follow-up care during the first year. These visits can be for adjustment, reprogramming, instruction...or whatever is required. Repeat Speech Mapping and other advanced hearing aid tests are covered. Diagnostic audiometric testing is not covered but this is covered by most insurance plans subject to applicable co-pays. After the first year, there is a charge for appointments with the doctor. However, follow-up care - no appointment required - is covered for 3 years.

For 3 years, any hearing aid repair that cannot be performed in our offices, will be express mailed to the manufacturer for factory service at no charge. In-office service on hearing aids is covered for 3 years, no appointment required. 
There is also a 3-year hearing aid replacement warranty that covers any hearing aid that is lost or damaged beyond repair; replacement is subject to a $250 co-pay. Earmolds are not covered under Loss/Damage insurance

Follow-up care is important to making sure that hearing aids are working optimally. Your individual needs we be considered and appropriate follow-up care will be scheduled.
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