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LYRIC 3.2 - Coming Soon

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Fall 2015
Phonak’s Lyric is the “first and only 100% invisible 24/7 wearable, shower-proof, for months-at-a-time hearing device”. This hearing aid is expensive and requires a short return visit to the audiologist’s office approximately every 2 months. The patient pays a “subscription” fee annually; during the year, the Lyrics are replaced as often as required. Additionally, the patient’s ear canal must meet several criteria for size and the ear must be healthy…and there are hearing loss criteria as well. Mild to moderate hearing losses wok best. That being said, this hearing aid does have a loyal following…Phonak reports that 80% of Lyric subscriptions are renewed.

The new and improved Lyric 3.2 will be available Fall 2015.

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