Oticon Color Options

Oticon Color Options

Diamond Black
Oticon OPN in Diamond Black
Steel Grey
Oticon OPN Steel Grey
Silver Grey
Oticon OPN in Silver Grey
Chroma Beige
Oticon OPN in Chroma Beige
Royal Blue
Oticon OPN in Royal Blue
Chestnut Brown
Oticon OPN in Chestnut Brown
Oticon OPN in Terracotta
Oticon OPN in Silver

Suggestions on Color
  • When matching hair color it is best to pick a slightly darker color (if available). 
  • Black usually the best match for eyeglasses.
  • Although the color samples don't clearly show this, Terracotta is a bit darker than Chroma Beige.
  • Our most popular colors are Black, Steel Grey, and Chroma Beige.
  • Silver and Royal Blue are our least chosen colors.
  • And yes, some patient do pick Blue. 


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