Oticon Wireless Accessories

Oticon Wireless Accessories 

Oticon Wireless Accessories The accessories shown below are for the Inium 2 hearing aids. Currently, a TV Box (3) and a Remote Control is available for the new Opn hearing aids (the remote is not necessary if you have a smart phone - there is a Free App. A "Mic Clip" will be available in the third quarter of 2017.The Mic Clip will wirelessly connect to Android Phones and will probably also work as a Remote Mic..

Streamer  $245
Oticon streamer
The Oticon Streamer is the Bluetooth interface for Inium wireless products . Newer Velox chip products do not require a streamer.
Remote Control   $195
Oticon Remote Control
Remote controls can be used with all Inium and Velox chip platform products.Patients with steamers or the new Opn can download a free remote control app for their Smartphone.
 Remote Mic  $245
Oticon Remote Mic
Woman (front left) is using Remote Microphone. The woman on the right is using Oticon's Blutooth streamer.
 TV Box  $175
Oticon TV Box
The wireless Bluetooth TV Box is attached to the television. Inium 2 requires a Streamer. 
No streamer is required with the Opn models.


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