Phonak Hearing Aid Accessories

Phonak Wireless and Recharging  Accessories

Phonak has a variety of wireless Buetooth accessories to help you hear better with any Bluetooth cell phone and to improve your hearing for TV. A Phonak cordless homephone is also available for the Venture and Belong hearing aids

Small wireless "remote" mics are available to help you hear better over a distance or in very noisy places. Phonak also has high fidelity 'Roger' wireless accessories. Roger accessories also include a "Table Mic' that works well on conference tables.

Phonak is the industry leader for wireless accessories for personal use as well as for school and business.
ComPilot           $250
ComPilot Air     $275
Phonak Hearing Aids Prices
The ComPilot and smaller ComPilot Air allow the user to connect any Bluetooth device to both hearing aids. Music, and internet audio content can be wirelessly routed to both hearing aids.

Remote Mic (only)        $100

Phonak Hearing Aid Accessories
The Remote Mic is a Bluetooth microphone that allows the hearing aid user to hear one person better in noisy places and over a distance. The remote mic requires the user to have a ComPilot or ComPilot Air.

TV Link (only)       $100
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The ComPilot Air II is pictured above along with the TV Link that can also function as a charging station. The TV Link sends a great quality audio stream to both hearing aids via the standard ComPilot or the ComPilot Air.
Pilot One Remote Control    $200
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This Remote Control is easy to use for discreet volume control of both hearing aids. For patients using the ComPilot or ComPilot Air: there is a free smart phone app that allows your phone to perform these functions. 
DECT Phone II        $250
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The DECT II phone is a cordless phone (not a cell phone) that connects wirelessly to Venture and Beyond hearing aids. No other accessories are required. A Dect phone for Quest hearing aids is not available.
Easy Call II             $200
Phonak Hearing Aid Models
This is a small Bluetooth accessory for any Bluetooth enabled cell phone. This connects wirelessly to all Phonak Venture hearing aids allowing the user to hear cell phone convesations in both hearing aids at their preferred volume level. This accessory is not for streaming music or video…streaming requires the ComPilot or ComPilot Air. 

Additional Charging Case. Plugs in to electrical outlet. A Phonak desiccant may be added to this case for humid conditions. Phonak Charging Case $65
Mini Charger. This is just a small Beyond charger and does not add additional functionality. 
Phonak Mini Charger. $50
Power Pack plug-in. Plugs in to bottom of Belong charging case. Good for recharging aids every day for one week. Phonak Belong PowerPack. $99

Roger Transmitters and Receivers provide the best FM quality speech and music fidelity.
Roger Easy Pen $850
Roger Pen   $915 
3 color choices
Best Hearing Doctor
Roger Clip-On Mic  $715
Same performance as RogerPen     
Roger 18 SP   $835
Roger 18 Ped  $995
Roger 19 UP    $835
Roger X          $600
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Roger Table Top Mics for conference tables. These mics can be connected in "series" for large conference tables. 
Please email us for Price. (Roger receiver is required: Roger 18,19, Focus, or Roger X with ComPilot)
Roger Focus $2250
Includes: 2 EarLevel Receivers (available in 25 different colors)
 and a Roger Clip-on mic/transmitter.
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Note: A 10% cancellation fee is charged if accessories are returned for credit within 30 days

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