Phonak Virto B

Phonak Virto B
built on Phonak's newest and fastest "Belong" chip platform

Phonak Belong
The Phonak Bolero B is a custom-made hearing aid. Builit on Phonak's newest chip platform, these hearing aids vary in size from the extremly small  IIC and CIC styles to the largest "Full Shell" that are appropriate for severe hearing losses. 

Abbreviations (from smallest to largest)
IIC - Invisible in the canal (ear canal)
CIC - Completely in the canal 
ITC - In the canal
HS - Half Shell
FS or ITE - Full shell 

The Phonak proprietary hearing aid modeling software (for the Virto B instruments) measures and analyzes the unique characteristics of each patient's individual ear anatomy. Identifying over 1600 biometric data points, it then calculates the unique calibration settings for each Virto B hearing aid.

These calibration settings ensure increased accuracy and precision providing a 2 dB improvement in directionality compared to Phonak products without Biometric Calibration. 
Additionally, all of the Phonak Virto Belong series hearing aids utilize Phonak’s latest "Belong" chip platform. This 33-channel chip platform is extremely fast allowing improved automatic performance in "AutoSense OS" and all of the advanced Binaural VoiceStream programs.

Improved Automatic Performance. Hearing aids with AutoSense OS recognize and automatically adapt to more listening situations than ever before. AutoSense OS accurately captures and analyzes the sound environment, then precisely blends feature elements from multiple programs in real time to provide a seamless listening experience. 

Binaural VoiceStream Technology™ is the exclusive ability of Phonak hearing aids to stream the full audio bandwidth in real-time and bi-directionally for improved sound quality and unmatched speech understanding. This unique technology enables programs and features such as Speech in Loud Noise, Speech in Wind, Speech in 360° (AutoZoom), and DuoPhone. Please Note: Binaural VoiceStream features are not available on the Direct series instruments. Note: Directional microphones and 'wireless" capability are required for most of the Binaural VoiceStream programs to work optimally. Directional microphones are not available in the small CIC and IIC hearing aids. 

The new and intelligent adaptive behavior of SoundRecover2 lowers high-frequency sounds only when high-frequency input is detected while maintaining sound quality of low and mid frequencies. As a result, the frequency range of audible sounds is increased and sound quality preserved.

B 30 $1190 The B30 has 8 bands for programming the hearing aid to the patient's hearing loss. In addition to the automatic AutoFocus OS program, this hearing aid 5 additional programs...if needed. It has Phonak's state of the art anti-whistle system and automatic directionality to reduce background noise. 

B 50 $1490 The B50 hearing aids has 12 bands of programmability. The Automatic program (AutoSense OS) automatically choses between programs for quiet settings, noisy settings with speech, and noisy settings without speech. Available in the rechargeable and non- rechargeable versions. In addition to the Automatic program (AutoFocus OS) this hearing aid has 3 additional programs available.

B 70 $1790 The B70 has 16 bands of programmability. The automatic program (AutoSense) automatically chooses between 4 programs… quiet settings, noisy settings with speech, noisy settings without speech, and music. Two additional Binaural VoiceStream programs are available as additional programs (Speech in Loud Noise and Speech in 360). 4 additional programs available but will seldom be needed. Available in rechargeable and non-rechargeable versions.

B 90  $2090 The B90 is Phonak’s premium hearing aid. This hearing aid has 20 bands for precise adjustability as well as the AutoSense OS program that seamlessly transitions through 7 different programs depending on the situation. AutoSense OS now automatically includes the StereoZoom feature for speech in loud noise...a Binaural VoiceStream program. Two additional Binaural VoiceStream programs are also available (Speech in 360 and Speech in Wind). A total of 5 additional programs are available. The B-90 is available in a rechargeable and non-rechargeable version. 

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