Coming in from Out of Town?
Hearing Aids Buffalo, NY

Both offices are about 5 minutes from the New York State Thruway (I-90). 

Our Amherst office is only 10 minutes from the Buffalo Niagara International Airport

Make sure to let us know if you are coming to our office from a distance so we allow enough time to take care of everything at one appointment...including same-day preparation of custom-made earmolds in our Earmold Lab
Please call or fill out the contact info on the Home page or the Contact Us page.
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April 2016: "Travel" is a new addition to or website. We have added it because we have had numerous patients (now living out of state) return to us for new hearing aids. Some of these patients tried to be fitted with new aids out of state...sometimes at several different offices, but they were dissatisfied. Some re-connected with us because they were quoted very high prices...thousands of dollars more than our published prices. 

We also have patients who have traveled by car from central and southern New York State...and from Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Massachusetts. We will be including some of their feedback as we develop this new website page.
Here are a few quotes from recent out of town patients:
All of these patients are permanent out-of-state residents. 

From Robert S. (Batavia, NY)It was my lucky day  when I was referred to this office 6 years ago. It was then that Dr. Schneider diagnosed my hearing loss. Until then I was slowly withdrawing socially as I failed to hear the details of conversation. As soon as I was fitted with a virtually unnoticeable pair of hearing aids, I was able to hear the sounds that I was missing. I am so pleased with Dr. Schneider's care that the 40 mile trip to their office is so worth the time and effort.

From Dawn B. (Texas) Thank you for all your help this week. She wore the hearing aids you sent this week. My husband and I really appreciate the extraordinary attention to accommodate her situation. Not everyone would have done that. So you are officially in charge of her ears forever. 
(This is from the Texas mother of a young severely hearing impaired woman who now resides in Florida. Her Florida practitioner, who fitted her most recent hearing aids, was not able to assist her in an emergency situation...her hearing aids were broken; she needed new earmolds; and her wedding was the following week).

From Carol D. (North Carolina) Your professionalism and efficiency are greatly appreciated. Thank you so much. It's such a relief to hear without struggling. I am very happy with my new Phonaks. 
From Jim G. (Florida) It is with great pleasure and excitement, I am writing to express my complete satisfaction with my new Phonak hearing aids and the Phonak TV Link and ComPilot system that I recently purchased. My hearing level is perfect. I can hear conversations in private quiet settings as well as in public places without any background disturbance. Being able to watch television and have the TV volume set so that it is comfortable for the rest of my family is just amazing. The best part is that I can now hear my wife’s soft-spoken voice and don’t have to keep asking her to repeat herself. Thank you and your always pleasant and supportive staff for improving my life. I can hear, and it is wonderful. 

From John M. (Boston, MA) I moved to Boston in 1998.  Recently I had to buy new hearing aids...I thought I would get new hearing aids in Boston so I would not have to travel...I made an appointment with a doctor...who was affiliated with one of the top hospitals in Boston. That appointment did not go well...the hearing aids that I liked were very expensive...I did not go back. Instead, I called Dr. Schneider. I found the hearing aids that I liked...and the price was much more reasonable. Their prices and services are far better than what I experienced in Boston and I am sure elsewhere in the country. They are worth coming back to Buffalo for.

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