Unitron Rechargeable
New  Unitron Rechargeable on Tempus chip platform
with user replaceable silver zinc rechargeable batteries (312)
Unitron Tempus Pro Rechargeable $2290
Unitron Tempus Pro  $2190 (non-rechargeable)
Unitron Tempus
Tempus Chip Platform 
50% More Accurate
36% Faster

Unitron North 
Premium Hearing Aids 
with 3-year warranties

RIC Hearing Aids
on North Chip Platform
Unitron RIC Hearing Aids
SlimTube Hearing Aids
on North Chip Platform
Custom-made Hearing Aids 
on North Chip Platform
Unitron Custom-Made Hearing Aids
Standard Features   on  Premium Unitron Hearing Aids 

Please Note: The Unitron 200, 400, & 600 hearing aids are the entry level and mid-level products. The 700 and 800 levels are Premium Level Unitron products
  • Pinna Effect
  • Natural Sound Balance
  • DataLogging
  • Feedback Manager (Anti-whistle)
  • Wind Control
  • Tinnitus Masker
  • Binaural Phone (telephone in both ears)
  • Adaptive Directionality (noise reduction)
  • Frequency Compression (to make high pitched speech sounds audible)
  • AntiShock (to eliminates discomfort from sudden impulse sounds)
Unitron 700 $1250  
(all BTE models pictured below)
  • 16 Channels of processing and adjustability
  • 5 Automatic Programs
Unitron 800 $1450  
(all BTE models pictured above)
  • Binaural Spatial Processing (to determine the direction of speech)
  • 6 Automatic Programs
  • 20 Channels of processing and adjustability
Unitron 800
This is an array of the available Unitron BTEs (Behind the Ear) hearing aids. The left-facing models are the RICs (Receiver in the Canal models); the right-facing models are the slim tube and standard tube model. The larger models are for severe to profound hearing losses. All models are available in a wide range of colors to match eyeglasses, hair color, or skin tone.
Unitron Wireless Accessories
Unitron uStream
Unitron uStream
Blutooth interface
Unitron Remote Control
Remote Control
Unitron Remote Mic
Remote Mic
Unitron TV Link
TV Link (used with uStream)
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