August 2017. Now AvailablePhonak's Audeo and Bolero B-Rs are the first rechargeable hearing aids with lithium-ion batteries lasting 24 hours on one charge. A short 30 minute charge will give 6 full hours of use. These sealed hearing aids offer improved water resistance. Complete pricing information is available on our "Phonak Hearing Aid Pricing" page. This new chip platform is also available as a conventional hearing aid (using a disposable battery).

Coming Soon. Phonak will be releasing hearing aids that directly connect to both iPhones, Android mobile phones, and Bluetooth enabled "flip phones"...without the need of a  streamer or ComPilot...an Industry First.

Phonak Audeo Rechargeable
New Phonak  Audeo and Bolero  Rechargeables  From $1590 (on new 'Belong' chip platform)
Phonak Venture From $990     

July 2017 The new Oticon Opn hearing aid (pronounced "Open") is revolutionary in its design. These hearing aids can reduce environmental noise in a 360 degree radius without using directional microphone technology. These iPhone compatible hearing aids connect directly with iPhones and iPads eliminating the need for a Bluetooth interface (streamer) . They are currently available in Oticon's most popular miniRITE model and can be fitted to mild hearing losses as well as hearing losses up to about 80%; they are available in a range of colors to match hair, eyeglasses, and skin tone. Rechargeable mini-RITE models are now available. A rechargeable upgrade (using Silver-Zinc technology) is also available for all previously fitted Oticon Opn hearing aids. A new Super Power Opn is also now available. 
Oticon Opn from $1390

Oticon Inium 2 hearing aids from $690

New Oticon OPN
New Oticon Opn  Rechargeable 
Rechargeable Option: $250 (for 2 aids)
August 2017   TruHearing® Hearing Aid Benefit  

Independent Health, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Univera added a "Hearing Aid Benefit" in January 2017. We will not participate with this discount plan but we have always offered brand name hearing aids at lower prices than TruHearing Select.  The TruHearing benefit only includes 2 follow-up visitswe include 3 years of follow-up care... no need to purchase extended follow-up care. 

The TruHearing® Select plan offers 2 private labeled hearing aids: 
  • The Flyte 700 costs the member $699
  • The Flyte 900 costs the member $999 
We have hearing aids from premier hearing aid manufacturers (Phonak and Oticon) at "everyday prices" that cost less than these private labeled hearing aids (with 3-years of follow-up care included). 
The Phonak and Oticon pages review all of our prices. Our prices have been published on this website since 2015.
TruHearing® is a registered trademark of TruHearing, Inc. 12936 Frontrunner Blvd #100, Draper, UT 84020

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