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Audeo Venture

Phonak Hearing Aid Models
The 4 sizes pictured above are as follows: (Left to Right)
  1. Size 312 battery. T-coil enables the Duo-Phone function.
  2. Size 10 battery. This is the smallest Phonak over the ear hearing aid.
  3. Size 13 battery give the longest battery life. There is also a push button and a volume toggle switch.
  4. Size 312 battery. This is the most popular size.
Please note: All of the above hearing aids are the same power...fitting up to 80% hearing losses
Phonak Hearing Aid Products
Audéo V is a Receiver in the Canal instrument (RIC). 
These are Phonak's smallest behind the ear hearing aids. With 4 performance levels and 3 power levels, they fitting mild to severe hearing losses. 
Custom earmolds are optional

New Pricing 
V 30 $990
V 50 $1390
V 70 $1690
V 90 $1990
The Phonak Audeo V  series hearing aids utilize Phonak's Venture chip platform. The 20 channel and extremely fast Venture chip features the AutoSense automatic processing that selects the best listening program depending on the listening environment. Multiple program choices are available for those patients who want to manually control their hearing aids. The Audeo instruments are Receiver in the Canal hearing aids (RIC); these are the smallest behind the ear Phonak hearing aid models and are usually almost invisible. These hearing aids are "highly vented" and are used in 'open' fittings for milder hearing losses.  They are very versatile and can also be used for more severe hearing losses.

In addition to the "levels of technology" described below, these Phonak hearing aid models come in 4 sizes...that are primarily determined by the size of the battery. The smaller hearing aids do have a shorter battery life, but with the Venture Platform, battery life is 20% longer.

All levels of Phonak Venture technology include the most important features:
  • State of the art anti-whistle technology
  • Automatic noise reduction
  • Multiple channels for accurate fitting to your hearing loss
  • Wireless volume controls
  • Frequency Compression
  • Tinnitus Masking
  • Bluetooth connectivity with wireless accessories for cell phone, home phone, TV, and remote microphones.
All Phonak hearing aids come standard with 3-year repair warranties and 3-year loss/damage replacement warranties.  We have the best Phonak hearing aids prices.

V 30 This is the most cost effective Phonak hearing aid...but it is hardly basic. It is built on a 20 channel chip with 8 bands for programming  the hearing aid to the patient's hearing loss.  It has Phonak's state of the art anti-whistle system and automatic directionality to reduce background noise. The start-up program will be typically be automatic (AutoSense OS) but 2 additional programs are available.

V 50 The V 50 is built on the 20 channel Venture chip and has 12 bands for programming the hearing aid to the patient's hearing loss. The Automatic program (AutoSense OS) automatically choses between memories for quiet settings, noisy settings with speech, and noisy settings without speech but this hearing aid also has 3 additional programs available.

V 70 The V70 has 16 bands for programming the hearing aid to the patient's hearing loss. The automatic program (AutoSense) automatically chooses between 4 programs… quiet settings, noisy settings with speech, noisy settings without speech, and music. The Binaural VoiceStream StereoZoom program (Speech in Loud Noise) is available as a manual program. This model has 4 additional programs if required.

V90 The V90 is Phonak’s premium hearing aid. This hearing aid has 20 channels and for precise adjustability as well as 7 memories in the automatic (AutoSense) program. This hearing aid actually has 33 channels to support some of its advanced features. The Binaural VoiceStream StereoZoom feature for speech in loud noise is now automatic. This hearing aid also includes the AutoZoom feature (Speech in 360°) that automatically focuses on the loudest voice, regardless of the location; this feature can improve word recognition while driving in the car. The ‘Speech in Wind’ program is available as an additional program; this feature works great for people who need to communicate outdoors. 

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