Phonak Quest

Phonak Quest

The Phonak Quest series hearing aids utilize Phonak's 20 channel Quest chip platform. The price of each of these models (Audeo, Bolero, Naida, and Virto) vary as a a function of the technology level (Q30, Q50, Q70, and Q90). The price for each technology level is listed on the "Phonak Hearing Aid Prices" page (on computer Navigation Bars or mobile Menu).
Phonak Audeo Q RIC (receiver in the ear)
Phonak Bolero Q Models (slim tube and standard tube)
Phonak Naida Q Power (Ric and Standard tubing)
Phonak Virto Q (custom in the ear or in the canal)
All levels of Phonak Quest technology include the most important features:
  • State of the art anti-whistle technology
  • Automatic noise reduction
  • Multiple channels for accurate fitting to your hearing loss
  • Frequency Compression to improve audibility of high pitched consonant speech sounds.
  • Tinnitus Management.
  • Bluetooth connectivity with wireless accessories for cell phone, TV, and remote microphones is available at all levels.
  • Water resistance.
All Phonak hearing aids come standard with 3-year repair warranties and 3-year loss/damage replacement warranties.  

Q30 This is the most cost effective Phonak hearing aid...but it is hardly basic. It has 8 bands for programming this 20 channel hearing aid to the patient's hearing loss. It has Phonak's state of the art anti-whistle system and automatic background noise reduction as well as 2 additional programs if required.

Q50 The 20 channel Q50 hearing aid has 12 bands of programmability. The Automatic program (SoundFlow) automatically choses between memories for quiet settings, noisy settings using automatic directionality and channel by channel noise reduction. The Q50 is "wireless" and the controls can be "sync'd" for one touch adjustment of volume or programs. Three additional programs are available if required...including the Duo-Phone feature that allows the user to hear their phone in both ears (telecoil required). The Q50 can be programmed with 3 additional programs.

Q70 The 20 channel Q70 has 16 bands of programmability. The automatic program (SoundFlow) automatically chooses between 4 programs… quiet settings, noisy settings with speech, noisy settings without speech, and music. The Binaural VoiceStream programs (StereoZoom. Speech in Wind, and Zoom Control) are now able to be accessed as additional programs. The Q70 alowws 4 additional programs.

Q90 The Q90 is Phonak’s premium Quest hearing aid. This hearing aid has 20 bands for precise adjustability.  The automatic SoundFlow program now includes the Binaural Voicesteam StereoZoom program (speech in loud noise) . The  ‘Speech in Wind’  and 'Zoom Control' programs are available as an additional programs. The Q90 can be programmed with the automatic SoundFlow program and  5 additional programs. 

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